🎼 Xavier's Sheet Music Emporium

Hello! Welcome to my website. I have inexpertly typeset an ecletic collection of sheet music and provide it here for you to enjoy.

Lilypond source code is available for all of them. More about me.


Name Artist Instrument(s) Truth Date Links
Chameleon (Piano) Herbie Hancock Piano Solo arrangement of the head I came up with over a decade ago, finally decided to write it up. 2020-07 PDF
Hit The Road Jack (Intro) Scary Pockets Juno-60 Gnarly synth riff. 2019-08 PDF
SMW Night Snow Theme Super Mario Maker 2 Piano Fun easy piece to practice my transcription. 2019-08 PDF
Animal Spirits Vulfpeck Fender Bass Tab and notes. 2017-04 PDF
I Believe In You Larry Graham Electric Bass Tab and notes. Simplified, but enough to play along with. Check this solo recording for some embellishment ideas. 2015-07 PDF
The Muppet Show Theme Piano An original arrangement 2009-12 PDF


Name Artist Instrument(s) Truth Date Links
The Final Countdown Europe Piano I "composed" this for a friend who was learning piano because I am a great friend. 2017-08 PDF
All We Got ?? Barbershop Quartet Just the first tag. I have no idea where this came from but I was in a barbershop quartet named Will It Blend so it must have been related. 2013-03 PDF
Bach Before The Mast Keith Emerson Piano Unfinished. Found a MIDI of this but wanted something more readable for learning it. Apparently original tune by George Malcolm but I only learned that much later. 2009-12 PDF
Blues For Stephanie Sandra Lambert Piano Transcription of the head and first part of the solo. If I had my time again I'd use more grace notes, fewer thirty second notes. 2009-03 PDF
The Big Apple The Solomon Douglas Swingtet Small Jazz Ensemble Transcription of a recording of a transcription, which is kind of stupid but the point was to re-create live a piece everyone had danced to a million times for a once off performance. So includes solo transcriptions. Was mostly just a guide to band who already knew the idea, so doesn't include many markings to help you figure out how to play it. 2009-03 PDF
Blues In The Night Mercer & Arlen Lead Sheet Vocalist wanted it down a 4th and none of us were good enough to do that on sight. 2009-03 PDF
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Duke Ellington Lead Sheet 2009-03 PDF